This red wine has a rich nose in aromas. Highlights some fresh fruits like blackberries and violets accompanied by hintsof wood, cocoa, roasted coffee and cedar. The palate is fruity, light and fresh. A very easy to drink wine.
This wine comes from vineyards up to 650 meters high located in the north of Spain, very close to Sierra de Cantabria. The particular microclimate of this place, its poor soils, shallow land, height and orientation of the vineyard and a traditional viticulture based on observation over the years and in the interpretation of plant behavior, makes this wine exceptional.


This wine was selected from a very small wine producer of Bibei (Quiroga) in Galicia, and there were only 1.487 bottles available.
A very fresh wine with a distinctly atlantic character. Very easy to drink and fine wine with a really elegant nose with outstanding mineral and fruity aromas. This wine perfectly reflects the expression of poor soils that dominate these vertiginous slopes of Bibei in Galicia. It is precisely this decomposed granite which provides this aromatic finesse and elegance as well as its lightweightness. Slate soils provide the ripe fruit and the mineral nose.
The grape varieties were 80% Mencía and 20% Brancellao, Mouratón and Garnacha, and the wine was macerated with spontaneous fermentation in special barrels called “foudres” of 4.500 litres. Then, twenty days of maceration with grape skins and aged for eleven months in French oak “foudres” of 2,500 and 4.000 litres.


This wine was selected from a very small wine producer of Bibei (Quiroga) in Galicia, and there were only 1.487 bottles available.
A wine with a great personality. It has the austere nature of the Godello, with those subtle notes of beeswax and boxwood, along with floral and fruity note Albariño and Doña Blanca grape varieties. On the palate, Godello shows its characteristic smoothness and unctuosity along with freshness and deepness on the finish. Generous and entertaining aftertaste. A wine that will go even better with bottle aging.
The grape varieties were 70% Godello, 30% Albariño and Doña Blanca. The grape harvesting was made by plot, and the maceration was done in Austrian and French oak barrels. No malolactic fermentation. Aged for ten months in different barrels: French oak barrels of 600 liters and foudres of 1.200, 2.400 and 4.000 litres. The wine has not been filtered or stabilized.


Ananya is our fourth wine limited selection from El Masroig, Montsant (Tarragona) region in Spain. And there are only 684 bottles available.

A very special wine elaborated using the traditional "rancid wine" method. A slowly oxidation of the wine. This slowly oxidation of the wine favours the appearance of these delicious and original flavors. Old apple, green walnuts, almonds and fine woods. The wine has a pleasant and sweet entrance in the mouth with a long lasting finish. A very fresh and intense wine with a long, lingering finish and notes dried fruits.
The elaboration of this wine was made selecting overriped Grenaches from very old vines in Masroig and and leaving the spontaneous fermentation with their own yeasts. Solera of 20 years, with three previous “criaderas” in old barrels of 800 litres.


Our fifth wine selection is a vermouth, one of the oldest beverages in the world. It was invented by Hippocrates in 430 B.C. macerating various herbs, especially wormwood, with the wine. Greeks, Egyptians and Romans drank it for its medicinal properties.
This vermouth has been selected from a very small producer in Cenicero (La Rioja), following an antique recipe handed down from father to son. It still maintains the original wormwood taste that is no longer available in nowadays vemouths.
This wine has a great intensity and aromatic complexity, which includes notes of wormwood, cinnamon and citrus, and the taste is less sweet than other common vermouths. It is a very fresh and easy to drink vermouth.
This vermouth has a base wine preparation from Viura, Malvasia and White Garnacha in stainless steel tanks. Then it is fortificated up to 15% and maceration with different herbs like wormwood, cinnamon, orange and lemon peels, elderflower, cardamom and gentian, and sweetened with brown sugar.

lot 6

Our first sparkling wine and our sixth wine selection which has been selected from a small producer from Sant Sadurní de Noya, Barcelona (Catalonia). This sparkling wine has been selected by Dani Corman, member of our team of wine experts who has been knighted Ambassadeur du Champagne in Spain 2010 and second position in the european contest.

It is a Brut Nature cava (Dosage of 0 g/l) with a rhyme of 12 moths and made from most traditional grape varieties that exist in the Penedés: Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Parellada.
It is a dry, light and fresh young cava which stands out by its fine and refreshing bubble, becoming creamy as it goes through the mouth.


Our seventh wine selection is an excelente price-quality ratio white wine which has been selected from a very small winery located in Corella.
This province of Navarre is influenced by the Ebro valley, 
characterized by hot summers and very cold winters. This weather generates big fluctuations in temperature between day and night, which is great for making good wine.
It has a very fruity nose with dominant aromas of pineapple, melon and banana. Since it is oxygenated, there are notes of hazelnut and white flowers, adding complexity to the whole. 
In the mouth, it is dry and flavourful, with an agile and very fresh passage. Its retronasal flavour reminds us of ripe tropical fruit, with reminiscences of fennel, which imparts even more freshness at the finish.