Despite his youth, Guillermo has been named Best Spanish Sommelier in 2014. He is also the sommelier of one of world’s most renowned restaurant, Mugaritz in San Sebastian.

Guillermo has numerous awards and recognitions like the Best Spanish Sommelier award in 2014, the 3rd Best Sommelier of Spain in 2014 and the 4th position at the International Young Sommelier Competition (Copenhagen).

He also has the prestigious Diploma WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust). Guillermo began his training at the Hospitality School of Miralbueno (Zaragoza), and after the training at hotels and restaurants he continued his studies at the Hospitality School in Seville, at San Jorge University and at the Spanish Wine School, where he acquired the degree of Sommelier.


Dani Corman was born in Donostia in April 1976. He has won several awards in various wine contests like the second position in the Golden Nose competition in 2010 (Spain) or the second position in the European Ambassadeurs du Champagne contest in 2010.

He collaborates regularly in various newspapers and publications and is the co-author of the book “The Cuisines of Camino de Santiago” in the section related to wines. Advises some of the most prestigious restaurants in San Sebastian with their wine lists. He also teaches Winery Management at the Basque Culinary Center since 2014.

He has also collaborates in the Melendo Champagne Guide, and is one of the teachers of the Sommelier Training course at the Catering Association of Gipuzkoa. Together with two Chef friends has launched Essencia Wine Bar & Store, a wine bar with amazing pairings.


Juan Carlos Muro is Akelarre restaurant´s sommelier in San Sebastian, a Pedro Subijana´s creation. Juan Carlos is from Zaragoza, Spain. Began his career in the wine world working at Bruges Hotel Becquer in Zaragoza, but his love of the world of wine took him to France and England.

In Toulouse conducted a sommelier training course, and was there, at Toulouse, where he realized of his interest in the world of wine. During his stay in England got in touch with Pedro Subijana´s group. And right now, Carlos has become the sommelier of Akelarre, one of the most prestigious restaurants in the world with three Michelin stars.


Iñigo Galatas is a food journalist from Pasay, Philippines with an excellent reputation in the Basque Country. He regularly contributes with his food critics at “El Diario Vasco”, a newspaper where he has a fixed space named Gastronomika Guide. He also contributes as gastronomic or food journalist in Punto Radio radioshow and at Tele Donosti, a regional TV channel.

He is passionate about wine and pairing, and that is the reason why we have asked Iñigo to join or advisory board of wine experts. You can take a look to his food critics section at


Degree in Information Sciences from the University of Navarra. He is one of the founders of ALGUSTO EDITIONS. Also shares his love of food carrying out various activities such as the management of the Brotherhood of garlic and parsley or the Association of sommeliers of Gipuzkoa (ASUGI).

He is the editor of several culinary books such as Chacolí / Txakolina. Editorial Nerea. 2007 The San Sebastian kitchen, dining History of San Sebastián. The kitchens of the Camino de Santiago, Healthy Cooking, Healthy Eating and Multiple Sclerosis. He has received several awards such as the National Gastronomy Award 2008 of the Spanish Academy of Gastronomy for his book Chacolí / Txakolina or the third place in the final of Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in solidarity culinary books for his book Healthy Food and Multiple Sclerosis.


Despite being a Chef, Iban Mate is one of those who has concerned to give the wine the importance it deserves in the gastronomy. After studying cooking in Cebanc school at San Sebastian, he has been working on many prestigious kitchens of such Akelarre, Casa Nicolasa in San Sebastián, Ama Lur in Ibiza, the Beti Jai Aoiz, La Brasserie de la Marine Capbreton in France or La Solana de Boi Taull.

Currently owns the Hotel Dolarea in Beasain, a lovely renovated farmhouse of the seventeenth century and also manages the RK restaurant located in the same building.

His passion for wine was one the reasons why he started to give wine tasting classes at Sumillería in C.E.I School in San Sebastián. He also been finalist at several wine-related contests like the Golden Nose contest of Spain in 2006.